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Please email all account validation credentials and questions to usarmy.jblm.id-readiness.list.dpw-isportsman@army.mil
We will reply as soon as we can, and will have your account validated as soon as possible.
We value every customer and will reply to every email. For now, our office hours are 0800-1400 M-Th. Any inquires received outside those days will receive a response as soon as possible upon our return. Thank you for your patience.

Please see our FAQ for more information on how iSportsman works.

The telephony checkin/checkout system is now live. Please call (877) 276-7020 to check in or out of areas and activities.

Need help registering your account? Please see the iSportsman User Guide for step-by-step instructions

Part of registering for an account includes a validation process where our staff verify your identity and the customer type chosen when you registered your account. To successfully validate your account, please email the following documents (if applicable to you) to usarmy.jblm.id-readiness.list.dpw-isportsman@army.mil for verification:

For safety and enforcement purposes, accurate vehicle license plate numbers are required when inputting your account details. All users must maintain up-to-date account information. Updates can be made from your account homepage by clicking on "My Account" > "Account Details" > "Manage Account".

All recreators planning to transport or carry firearms on the installation are required to register their weapons. To register firearms, complete and submit HJB Form 816 to the Provost Marshal Office. Completed forms can be emailed to usarmy.jblm.imcom.list.des-aie@army.mil (in PDF format) or dropped off at the Lewis Main Visitor Center. For more detailed information on firearms registration visit the JBLM Weapons Registration page or call (253) 967-1914.

It is our goal to provide JBLM visitors with safe, high quality hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities by managing the installation's ecosystems and biodiversity through conservation, protection, and restoration while prioritizing and supporting the military mission in a responsible manner. Recreation activities at JBLM include hunting, fishing, hiking, bird and wildlife watching, horseback riding, and more. We are proud to be able to share these areas with you and thank you for your contribution to our conservation efforts.
Click here to view a list of activities by area.

For easy navigation across JBLM lands, download the Avenza app to your smartphone and then upload the JBLM Atlas to "My Maps" inside the app. Use this map in conjunction with the iSportsman "Interactive Map" to safely navigate the training areas. The Interactive Map is available via the menu button (three stacked lines) in the top left corner of this page.

The iSportsman system is equipped with a checkout reminder feature that will send users a text message or an email one hour prior to required checkout times. If you wish to receive reminder texts, please ensure that you have entered your primary phone number correctly and have enabled text messages in your account. For those who choose not to enter a mobile number or to receive texts, the reminder will come as an email to the default email address on your account. Always remember that it is your responsibility to check out via iSportsman upon completion of your activity prior to the required checkout time. Automatic holds will be placed on the account of users who do not check out on time.


Unexploded ordnance (UXOs) are present on JBLM. If you suspect you may have encountered one:

Please DO NOT call Range Operations with questions about access. No recreation is allowed in training areas scheduled for military training or JBLM management actions. Range Operations provides all unscheduled areas to iSportsman, which are then opened to recreation. Please email your questions and comments to the JBLM iSportsman management team at usarmy.jblm.id-readiness.list.dpw-isportsman@army.mil. We are working to improve the program in many ways, but JBLM's stance of not allowing recreational overlap with official activities is firm.